Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jack Magic Halloween 2008

I did want to continue doing the tradition of a Halloween pic, since I have been having fun doing it in the past. I DIDN'T want something I seen before (yes, yes, yes, the pumpkin's stem is phallic- I get it). So here we have them all as zombies, taking off their masks. The Mystery Man in the far back still has his on- it's not that clear.

There is also Burt, who has not been introduced in the story yet, as well as Gunthrie, Madame and Yvette here. Burt's design was one of the many driving reasons why I discontinued the comic as of now, as he was REALLY HARD to pin down. Hopefully, if I continue, you'll get to see him in his normal clothes.

This also marks the first time for me using custom brushes.


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