Monday, August 18, 2008

Although it may not look it, these characters are actually from Jack Magic, a webcomic which I have not updated for at least a year. This piece is the first one from this series to come in many months!

The gnomes and fairies may not be the most memorable because they aren't even among the main characters! They do appear on the sidelines now and then though. If I had gotten way into the comic, the Intermission mini-comics would features these miniature characters in adventures of their own! The gnomes were inspired by the wax candles you would see at novelty items in shops. The fairies even have names: the red one's CRAG, and the orange one's Ivy.

Why a cheese race? Despite it not being the most intelligent of jokes, I find random humor to be funny. And the fact that these two races who downright hate each other would be serious about something as bizarre as carrying different kinds of European cheeses across 50 miles of land! But hey, they're pretty different than us, so they COULD have their reasons for their stange rituals.


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