Friday, April 20, 2007


That rabbit isn't Jack. It's just some random rabbit. Very mysterious...

ARTBREAK- Madame Paisley and Miss Leader

Here are the two pieces featured in the Jack Magic comic. Both reflect Morgan's conflicting views toward different forms of magic entertainment. I posted them here cause there are some texts that didn't make it into the comics pages. Madame Paisley, as some of you may recall from about a year ago, will soon be one of the major characters in the story later on- this illustration shows how she was in her prime, and comes from one of Morgan's oldest children's books.


This turned out to be one of the better pages to utilize color beautifully. It helps that there isn't any dialogue. Anyone who can read what's in her diary gets bonus points!

Monday, April 02, 2007


We now have Morgan's dad. Both her parents are unnamed right now, and I frankly don't know if they ever will be named. This is Morgan's story after all. I created two quick and very different illustrations for this page. They will be more prominently featured on the next page, as they are very crucial to Morgan's character.